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Can’t Get Enough of Samm Henshaw ‘Broke’ [VIDEO]

Fast rising London artist Samm Henshaw has spent the past 2 years working and touring with the likes of Pharrell, Chance The Rapper, Rag’n’Bone Man and Maverick Sabre – and yet his name is brand new to me.

Not too long ago I found the video for his new single, “Broke”, in my inbox and I was instantly hooked.

Sounding something like John Legend if he had edge, Samm Henshaw brings an incredible amount of soul along with relatable, real world lyrics, brilliant toplines, killer harmonies and an undeniable swag.  On, “Broke”, Samm sings about being young and yearning for love – while simultaneously not having quite made it to where he wants to be.  With love being the only thing on his mind, empty pockets seem to be putting a damper on things for the young crooner.

Beyond the vocals, the production is both clean and dynamic, perfectly complimenting the vocals dished out by Samm.  With the video helping to accentuate the songs vibe even further, for me, this was the perfect introduction to Samm Henshaw.  To say he has a new fan here would be an accurate assumption.  This is a fucking jam.

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