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Caught Up in Scoobert Doobert's New Drop "The Cycle"

Scoobert Doobert's latest track, "The Cycle" featuring Loy Roy, isn't just a musical piece—it's a testament to his relentless dedication and courageous approach to his craft. Born on the internet but nurtured in the vibrant music scene of San Diego, California, Scoobert Doobert emerges as a multi-talented force in the industry. With roots stemming from a prolific touring career alongside The Doobie Brothers and opening for Gregg Allman, Scoobert has honed his skills as a guitarist, vocalist, producer-engineer, and songwriter, all of which are evident in the depth and complexity of "The Cycle."

Beyond his musical prowess, Scoobert Doobert's journey is marked by a series of serendipitous encounters and collaborative ventures. From the success of his single, "I'm an Idiot," added to Spotify's New Music Friday playlist, to remixing J-pop band CHAI's work, his trajectory reflects a constant evolution and exploration of new sonic territories. Collaborations with a diverse array of artists, including Lou Roy, I Can't Speak French, and Sofasound, underscore Scoobert's ability to seamlessly blend genres and push artistic boundaries.

With each release, Scoobert Doobert's musical landscape expands, from the introspective depths of LPs like "Big Hug" and "KŌAN" to the sun-kissed melodies of his most recent album, "Moonlight Beach." As requests to collaborate pour in and production offers abound, Scoobert Doobert and his team are poised for a new era of musical exploration and innovation. Through his Love Music More podcast and unwavering commitment to his craft, Scoobert spreads audio love far and wide, inspiring listeners to embrace the journey and savor the beauty of the musical cycle.

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