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Cautious Clay Continues to Wow with ‘Table Of Context EP’

If you have been unlucky enough to have not heard of Cautious Clay over the last year or so – you must still be listening to FM radio.  Since begging to perform just last year, Cautious Clay has seen praise from nearly every top tier publication including Billboard, NPR, KCRW, Paste, Pitchfork, The New York Times, Pigeons & Planes and the list goes on.  Already selling out tours, landing on late night tv, performing a staggering 13 shows at SXSW and seeing his face plastered by brands like Spotify, Soundcloud, Fender and more as they push independent artist initiatives – Cautious Clay is on nearly every artist to watch list you can imagine.  

Thanks to his introspective lyrics, incredibly impressive production skills and undeniable originality, Cautious Clay has seen a meteoric rise over the last year – now sitting around 1.8M monthly listeners on Spotify.  Recently, he has unleashed his latest project, the, “Table of Context EP”, once again touting critical acclaim as he expands upon his already impressive catalog with an additional 6 stunning tunes.  Lead by singles, “Honest Enough”, and, “Reasons”, Cautious Clay goes above and beyond in terms of production intricacies, with spacious soundscapes and deceptively deep instrumentation.

While coming out of the gate as hot as Cautious Clay has, is sometimes a curse – with artists often failing to follow up – Cautious has been able to keep the heat on and wow audiences every step of the way.  With a sound all his own and a growing fanbase that can’t seem to get enough – I have no doubt that his best is yet to come.  If he is already on your radar, then there is no need for me to keep trying to convince you to check him out – and if he is not – I will let the music speak for itself.  Thank me later. 

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Tasty Bits’ playlist on Spotify!

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