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Champion Electric Get Me Every Time

Nashville based 3-piece Indie Rock group Champion Electric first came on my radar with a submission for their single, “Arpej”, which I have had at the top of my playlists ever since.  Blown away by their clear musicality and overall vibe, I have been steadily keeping tabs.

Recently they released the third of 4 tracks in the can and it is another stunning jam that I can’t seem to get enough of.  The new tune, “Squid”, is a dreamy and ethereal slice of heaven that brings an absolutely enchanting feel via lush layers of guitar coupled with soft spoken and emotionally driven vocals.

The down tempo release shows a more sensitive side if the band while still displaying their penchant for wicked melodies, brilliant arrangements and touching yet dynamic production.  Rich soundscapes fill the audible space with every element sitting exactly where it is meant to be.

About the release they say it, “unveils a blend of internal conflict and willful ignorance with some epically vibrant youthful color.”  Spot on.

One of my favorite bands of the last year and without a doubt artists to watch.

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