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Chaz Mazzota Continues Pushing Through 2019 with ‘My Way’

Based in Nashville, ever-talented artist Chaz Mazzota has been on an absolute tear this year.  Building his catalog, fanbase and perfecting his sound, he has been releasing new content consistently throughout the year – whether it be new originals, cover videos on his YouTube channel, or collaborating with other artists on their projects.  

When it comes to being an artists, there is very little that Chaz Mazzota doesn’t do.  The multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, videographer, editor has taken complete control of his career, doing things his own way and making things happen – at any cost.  His latest offering, “My Way”, is a chill, smooth, laid-back Pop jam that features clean fingerpicked guitar rhythms, fresh horn melodies and oscillating basslines while Chaz brings an effortless delivery and quality melodies that will without a doubt get caught in your head.  

Having kept my eye on Chaz Mazzota for about the last year or so, there is no doubt that things are rolling for the buzzing artist.  With a promise to keep the tunes flowing, I have no doubt he has some more up his sleeve to close out 2019.  I suggest you keep tabs. 

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