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Cheska Moore Is Leveling Up From Toxic Friendships In “Single Player Mode”

2020 has felt like one of the hardest levels in our little game of Life. Some have been fortunate enough to conquer it better than others. Cheska Moore is one of those people, writing and releasing the dark, yet cheeky, subdue tune “Single Player Mode.”

Written during the COVID pandemic and inspired by Moore’s lifelong love of gaming, the South London alternative pop artist is writing off the toxic people in her life. Noting how quarantine forced people apart, Moore’s time in isolation revealed to her that friendships are about quality, not quantity.

The tune is characterized by the 8-bit gaming sounds sure to trigger all kinds of nostalgic feelings for any listener. Moore really lays out what makes a shitty friend through explicit lyrics like “you missed my birthday, thought it was okay, guess you didn’t feel like it today?” and the classic excuse ”oh I just woke up, don’t think I’m gonna make it.” The song puts Moore’s unique style and soulful vocals on display as the listener grapples with their own 2020 reflections.

Cheska Moore is a future alt-pop sensation showcasing her mystifying vocals and raw, genuine songwriting through her own brand of pop music. Her hyper-realistic and dark take on the fundamentals of pop take listeners on a very real journey through the ups and downs of real life. Moore will be releasing new music, blending some fresh sounds with her signature dark and sombre undercurrent, so stay tuned.

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