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Chicago Rapper Mercocet Releases New Visual “He’s Back”

Right on time for the summer months, rapper Mercocet gears up to release his uplifting new track produced by Trademark entitled “He’s Back”. An ode to those who bounce back after experiencing sadness or depression, “He’s Back” delivers a buoyancy right in line with the song’s deeper meaning. It’s uplifting vibe is a seamless fit for this time of year, as Mercocet encourages listeners to take care of themselves. When you look good, you feel good – and now it’s time to let the people know. The organic collaboration with Trademark creates a danceable vibe from beginning to end. Trademark has worked with artists like G Herbo, Trippie Redd and DC the Don and his seasoned skills clearly shine on this track.

Mercocet is easily one of the most talented artists to come out of the Chicagoland area. His guttural and dynamic vocal delivery makes him uniquely recognizable to those first tuning in. Having garnered over 7.5M online streams, his dedicated fan base began to grow via his breakout hits “Open Your Eyes” and “Slatt Science”, earning him his first million streams worldwide. Having opened up for reputable acts like KCAMP, DJ Chicago and Ishdarr, all eyes are on Mercocet as his brand continues to expand in the Chicagoland area and beyond. 

His stage name grew out of an authentic desire to combat negative experiences from his past. The term “Merc” meaning “to fight” or “to kill” paired with “ocet”, a loose association with a popular painkiller, creates a combination of words to demonstrate how music helps to “kill the pain” – a relatable sentiment to artists and listeners all over the world. Tracks like “He’s Back” stick to this sentiment as he demonstrates sincere growth and wisdom, bouncing back from negativity and instead, spreading positive vibes to his fans all over the world.

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