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Chicago Record Label Unites Genres in New Compilation Album Release

Chicago’s musical history is incomparable to any other. Best known for its early days of blues and house music, the city has gradually evolved to now hosting notable festivals like Lollapalooza, Pitchfork and Riot Fest. But what many people don’t know is that the city’s soul resides in its independent music scene. Emerging artists flood local venues to perform all styles and genres; the introspective winter days fuel creativity, allowing some of the most captivating songs to blossom come summertime. Local artists are at the heart and soul of what keeps this city moving and Lizm Muzik Group is here to prove that. Slated to release on Thursday April 1st, Lizm Muzik Group’s “Realizm Radio Vol 1” compilation presents a wide array of local talent stemming from rock, hip hop, pop and r&B. The multi-genre album hosts artists like Bianca Shaw, BoysVsGirl, T-Roc and Attack the Sound. Lizm artists have been praised by Billboard, Vibe Magazine, Sway in the Morning, ABC, Chicago Reader and more. Led by Founders Scoop “The Professor” and CachePheenix, Lizm Muzik group embraces all genres and styles of art in order to further unite the musicians of Chicago by uplifting and empowering an otherwise untapped talent pool.

“This collective is a dynasty of extraordinary beings, we have a bunch of anomalies on the same team!” – Cache

“Realizm Radio Vol 1” is a sonic masterpiece. With exotik funk by Tamarie T and the Elektra Kumpany, stellar guitar riffs by Goose Wayne and classic Hip Hop by Danny Barz, this compilation album offers listeners a little bit of everything. Originally called ‘The Lizm’, Scoop and Cache started as a Hip Hop duo and after seeing their power to uplift other artists as a unified duo, they began to branch out and prioritize their desire to put other artists on the map. Launching Lizm Muzik Group in 2017, the dynamic duo used their popularity as radio personalities and socialites to scout and find several artists to write and produce for, work with and promote either through management or as record label executives. With music conglomerates like Live Nation in discussion with the city about building new concert arenas, the independent music scene is under stress to keep the city’s roots alive and thriving. Labels like Lizm are exactly what the city needs to prove that a collaborative mindset is more productive than a competitive one. 

“Communication through Compilation starts elevation through musical conversation” – Scoop

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