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Chicago's Bianca Shaw Drops Visual for "Lightning"

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, R&B/Pop artist Bianca Shaw is a true force of nature. The talented emcee, drummer, and singer-songwriter believes in the power of thinking outside the limits of genre as she channels electrifying pop melodies in her latest hit “Lightning”. Gearing up to release the official music video, “Lightning” depicts the reenergizing power a partner can have just by being a constant presence through life's ups and downs. It’s not often a topic like ‘peace’ is talked about with such amplification, but “Lightning” provides an engaging glimpse into Bianca’s personality by offering the juxtaposition of energy and electricity with a refreshing level of grounded authenticity.

In the video, we watch as she moves from one emotionally taxing situation to the next. Seeing the visual of her internal battery draining through the day, we start to understand how Bianca undeniably puts her ‘all’ behind everything she does, making the need for her emotional ‘constant’ to be more important than ever before. Interspersed with captivating animation to illustrate the electric pull of her current situation, we see an homage to Chicago as Bianca stands surrounded by some of the most iconic buildings that her city is known for. Instrumentally, we hear hints of R&B influence underneath the melodic pop topline as she highlights an unmistakably catchy chorus throughout.

No stranger to the spotlight, Bianca has been featured on popular outlets like Good Morning America, ABC’s Windy City LIVE, Audiotree TV, Sway’s Universe and so much more. Known for her collaborations with Chicago’s Chance the Rapper, Twista and Taylor Bennett, there’s no denying that Bianca Shaw is set-up for success. Released off the heels of her latest project “Get a Real Job”, “Lightning” is positioned to be one of her biggest and most electrifying hits yet.

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