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Chinook Stuns with ‘Bones’

First bursting on to the scene with here #1 debut, “Go Home“, at the age of just 16, Norway‘s Chinook quickly found herself in the spotlight.  While her goal from the beginning has been to make a living from singing, she initially found the attention somewhat intimidating.

She was quickly picked up by Sony Music and continued to create music with a refreshingly honest, unique and transparent approach. Now at the age of 19, she has found her feet in the the turbulent musical landscape.  When I found her latest single, “Bones“, in my inbox, it didn’t take long for me to hop on the bandwagon.  

For someone who is just 19, “Bones“, is crafted with a maturity and experience far beyond her years.  There is also a nice cross-over appeal here.  With the production leading with tropical and acoustic elements, the vocals are a blend of Folk, Pop and R&B.  Regardless of your usual taste, it is hard for this song not to be appealing – moving, emotive and very well crafted.

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