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Chloe Tang Can’t Seem To Erase Those “Voicemails” Off New EP ‘E-PITY ME’

As much as you can say you’re “over it” when it comes to a break up, there will always be a part of you that clings to every bit of what you once had. Rising pop/singer-songwriter Chloe Tang details these sentiments on her new bop “Voicemails” off her smashing new EP E-PITY ME.

The tune is one you could drive to on repeat screaming at the top of your lungs with tears streaming down your face. The production gives the song both a powerful and melancholy nature, while the lyrics convey touches of sadness, longing, and heartbreak. Tang’s vocals do a great job of delivering the tune’s evident solemn essence that anyone can relate to. In regards to the tune, Chloe Tang says:

“This song is really special to me because it touches upon the emotions you feel after a breakup. For me, I was never able to delete all the voicemails from my phone because it really felt like it was the one thing I couldn’t let go of, no matter how ‘over it’ I became.”

Chloe Tang’s first major industry experience was opening at a 4,000 -capacity room for pop superstar, Dua Lipa, in Boulder, Colorado. Since then, the rest has been history. Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Chloe has been an eloquent writer from a young age. After college, she hoped to develop these skills further by moving to Los Angeles and collaborating with some of the biggest up and coming producer/writers such as: Shawn Wasabi (Justin Tranter Camp) and Lixa (Ammar Malik Camp) – without the help of a team. Chloe often jokes that her music conveys the notion, “love me, but leave me alone” – but this message rings true in her sultry power pop anthems. Chloe’s music lives in the dichotomy between sweet and spicy. So far, Chloe has amassed over 4 million streams across catalog. In addition to her music, Chloe is an advocate for Asian – Americans, and often pays homage to her Chinese heritage in her music and creative.

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