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Chris Kläfford Digs Deep on New Single "Buried"

While Chris Kläfford may have just landed on my radar, other normal TV watching humans may be a bit more familiar with him. While personally, FM radio and broadcast TV are usually the last places I would ever look to find new artists to fall in love with, I must admit I am a bit disappointed that I am late to the party here. Hailing from Sweden, Chris Kläfford first became a household name in his home country when he won Swedish Idol in 2017 and also joined America's Got Talent in 2019, making it all the way to the semi-finals.

Officially on my radar thanks to his latest single, "Buried", landing in my inbox, it is quite easy for me to understand why he dominated on both of those shows - all it took was one listen to realize there was something special here. With an incredible voice that brings a level of power and grace that few are able to obtain, it is easy to hear that whatever is coming out of his lips is pulled straight from his soul. About the single, Chris says, “This song is about when you’ve been in a dark place for too long and finally get out. Some things are easier to get out of if you bury them completely.” An incredibly dynamic jam that features gritty yet emotive verses, huge choruses and a perfectly crafted production that does just what it needs to do to ensure that the vocals shine from beginning to end.

Listening to as much music as I do, I can say confidently that there are few voices that shake me down to my core - Chris Kläfford has one of those voices. The incredibly soulful offering not only showcases his impressive pipes, but also features beautifully written lyrics that you can't help to take in. Having found the perfect balance between self pity and never-give-up spirit this it the type of tune that may make you cry, break something for no good reason and then throw on some sneakers and run a marathon.

Listen to more like Chris Kläfford here:

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