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Christine Bauer to Release Romantic Motivational Anthem for the New Year: “Call Me”

Christine Bauer’s unique style and self-taught musical prowess have garnered attention in the industry, making her a buzzing country music star on the rise. Set to release a romantic and motivational anthem in the new year, Bauer’s “Call Me” embodies an ‘on the go’-like feeling, channeling forward momentum into a highly charged romantic pursuit. "Call Me" is a collaboration from talented songwriters Emily Doty, Karen Kosowski, and Alissa Griffith, and was recorded in Nashville with the renowned producer Grady Saxman of Saxman Studios. Grady Saxman, known for his work with Luke Combs, Jelly Roll, Tenille Arts, and Craig Campbell, brings a fresh perspective to Christine's music.

The single marks a significant milestone for Bauer, as she becomes the first recording artist to release the track. The lyrics evoke a sense of connection and anticipation, inviting listeners to envision themselves in the moment of reaching out to a special someone. Christine says “Envision yourself hopping in a cab going to meet the person you have a special connection with.” “Call Me” proves to be the perfect end to any romantic comedy’s chase to the airport to ensure their one true love doesn’t leave without knowing their partner's true feelings.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Bauer brings a unique blend of influences to her music. A self-taught guitar player and singer-songwriter, she took a chance by sharing her early compositions online, leading to meaningful connections with industry professionals like producer Paul Ray and co-writer Sarah Harralson. With her graceful and evolving style, Christine is betting on her music and herself. "Call Me" is a testament to her growth as an artist and a celebration of the powerful storytelling and melodies that have always resonated with her.

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