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Christy Pours His Tumultuous Feelings Into “Burned Out”

Many of us went through changes last year that have now left us as different people. All of those ups and downs are summed up in Christy’s first release of the new year “Burned Out.”

The tune carries an equal weight of dark and light, balancing emotive poignancy with hopeful aspiration. The piano and strings give the song a melancholy edge, while Christy’s head voice acts as a glorious artifice to the deeper message in the Glasgow artist’s lyrics. With 2020 pushing his creative talents and personally moving to take a more political stance, Christy notes:

“‘Burned Out’ is 2020 summed up into a song. There were times when I felt like I was finished with everything and really fed up. I felt very out of control, like so many of us did, so that’s what this song is for me. It’s about feeling helpless, frustrated, and ignored within a flawed system.”

At 24, Christy O’Donnell has already lived out several unlikely dreams. He’s busked the streets of Glasgow making £400 a day. He’s been in a boy band, Supernova (“Busted meets One Direction – the music was terrible”); he’s played the lead in an indie film, Moondogs, and he’s currently two seasons in as a romantic hero in the time-travelling Disney series Find Me In Paris. He’s even climbed Arthur’s Seat with Rufus Wainwright… But beneath the young Glaswegian’s many incarnations is a serious musician about to unleash his first EP (August 2020): a suite of songs which mix the vocal tenderness of Jeff Buckley or Chris Martin with the swirling musicality of Bon Iver. Though intensely personal, this is not simple, singer- songwriter territory: the effervescent O’Donnell counts Ray Charles, John Martyn and Chet Baker as among his biggest musical influences.

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