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CHYLD Teams Up with Emilia Ali on Somber Stunner ‘Be Him for Her’

For the debut single on his brand new self-started record label Sleepy Kid Records, Boston based CHYLD has just released an absolute gem, “Be Him for Her”. Having teamed up with Berklee grad and fast-rising, buzz-worthy singer/songwriter Emilia Ali, both artists put their best foot forward and create an emotional, bouncy yet totally captivating single.

While CHYLD handles the production, bringing his impressive synth work, stunning melodies and intricate rhythms, Emilia Ali delivers an absolutely stunning performance gliding effortlessly over the ever-changing production penning a tune about simply wishing the best for your ex. Having found just the right blend of Indie stylings and commercial appeal, “Be Him for Her“, is an outright jam and an incredible first single for the brand new label.

About the single, CHYLD says, “Working with Emilia was, and always will be an amazing experience and such a pleasure. She really wrote this tune from the bottom of her heart, and I think you can hear that in the song.

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