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Cimo Frankel is Stepping into the Spotlight [VIDEO]

Amsterdam born and raised artist Cimo Frankel may be a new name to you (he was to me), but it turns out he has been a go to writer, singer and producer behind the scenes for some time now.

Having already written for and featured on tracks by Yellow Claw, Cheat Codes & Kris Kross Amsterdam, Daddy’s Groove, Krono, EDX, Armin Van Buuren and more, Cimo Frankel is no stranger to success – albeit rarely in the spotlight.  Now releasing his own music… that may soon change.

His latest release (and video) is a powerful  example of simplicity and songwriting as a whole.  Over a minimal production, Cimo relies on his voice and lyrics to make, “Never Give Up”, connect.  Singing to his loved one, all he is looking for is to hear her voice – to let him know that she is not going anywhere.  Through the turmoil of their relationship, he knows exactly where he belongs and he wants to hear from her that they are on the same page.

With nothing more than a bass, some soft synths and drums – the open palette of the production leaves Cimo all the space he needs to portray the true emotions.  In an upbeat and positive way, he simply pours his heart out to let his love know exactly how he feels – and you can feel it too.

The video also plays on the simplicity.  Well lit performance shots are all that are needed.  Sexy, moody and Simple… an all around solid release.

Also… since I LOVE filous – check out his remix.

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