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clide Teases Debut Album with New Single "Substance Abuse"

At just 24 years old, clide has already made a significant impact on the pop music scene. Born to an American mother and having grown up in Berlin, clide merges diverse cultural influences in his music. With several EPs under his belt and millions of streams online, he captivated audiences during his first headline tour in 2023. Now, he is on the brink of releasing his debut album, beginning with the powerful single, "Substance Abuse." This track delves into the heartache of yearning for someone who isn't meant for you, setting the stage for what promises to be a deeply emotive and resonant album.

"Substance Abuse," showcases clide's remarkable ability to blend emotional depth with vulnerability and power. His voice effortlessly conveys the torment and longing at the song's core, creating an intense listening experience that is both haunting and beautiful. As clide sings about the anguish of an unrequited craving, the raw honesty in his delivery strikes a chord. "This song is about the suffering that comes with craving a person that isn’t meant for you," clide explains, capturing the essence of the song in a way that feels both personal and universally relatable. The track's production is polished yet retains an intimacy that draws the listener in, making it impossible not to feel the weight of every word.

In, "Substance Abuse," clide has crafted a poignant narrative that resonates with anyone who has experienced the pain of unfulfilled desire. The combination of his expressive vocals and the song's evocative lyrics creates a powerful, emotional journey that leaves listeners filled with a profound sense of empathy and understanding. This single is a testament to clide's growing prowess as a songwriter and performer, and it sets a high bar for the rest of his forthcoming debut album. With, "Substance Abuse," clide not only affirms his place in the pop world but also hints at an even more promising future ahead.

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