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Cool out with Blind

Blind is one of the chilliest songs out there right now without even trying, it seems so effortless in its approach to connect on an emotional level. In this subdued and ethereal electronic track Boerd gives a smooth delivery in both his vocals and his bass which was the key to setting the tone of the song. This song has such a melancholy vibe that remains consistent throughout. It exuberates relaxing yet determined energy and is one of those songs that you either get in your feelings on or you smoke a j to or both.

Boerd is a Swedish bassist and producer who is stirring up the indie-electro genre. He even played double bass with the Swedish Royal Opera, Swedish Royal Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. His experience gives him a different sound from your typical bassist and producer because of his strength in performing at such a high level on a professional stage.

I recently watched the music video (that he shot, wrote and produced) and it is very much what I expected stylistically in terms of the color pallet in that it was very grey, dark blue and it lacked white light and had a darkness about it that matched the energy of the song completely. The video shows a couple who were aimlessly driving on the road which alludes to the directionless nature that Boerd has clearly gone through or has seen someone go through. There is a real “going with the flow” mentality in the relationship that Boerd was trying to portray which is also evident in the lyrics.

Boerd has recently signed to Anjunadeep Records and has an LP that’s dropping on April 6th. Look out for Boerd in the future as it seems bright if he continues producing more of his music. Hopefully he can expand his range sonically while he gains a stronger fan base.

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