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Coppermines is Back with Another Summer House Anthem

Dance-pop producer Tim Chingos, who releases music under the project Coppermines, has been charging through 2023 with several exceptional releases. The London-based artist has a knack for partnering with exceptional writers who craft catchy melodies with lyrics that linger long after a first listen.

Coppermines' latest single “Meet Me In the Middle” is a gorgeous melodic house beauty that celebrates the summer season in full. The record displays catchy piano chords, punchy drums, and an irresistible vocal. He integrates orchestral strings alongside classically electronic elements to create a summer soundscape. If you’re in the car when you hear this tune, make sure the windows are rolled down so you can truly take it in.

As an artist who attributes much of his early success to his partnership with talented songwriters and producers, I am very excited to hear more music and collaborations from Coppermines throughout 2023 and beyond.

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