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COSBY Shares Danceable Tune “Let It Go”

Bringing vibrance and 80s influences center stage, Munich-based band COSBY can’t help but make you feel like you’re dancing your cares away on their newest tune “Let It Go.” The track bodes feelings of confidence and an uplifting nature that will consume your soul.

Breathing new life into the doubter we carry within us, the beat is undeniably contagious while the lyrics spread an underlying melancholy message that not everything absent in our lives isn’t necessarily lost forever. The bass lays down an infectious feel while the synths steer you into a powerful soundscape. By the time the chorus comes around, you can’t help but chant along and feel every word of the lyrics: “it takes its toll but I’ll bear it and just have some trust.”

Partly personal, partly enormous, global and collective issues are what the Munich-based band COSBY center on in their upcoming third album – which is why the record set for 2021 bears the powerful title Savior. “Can this world still be saved?” is just one of many–not implicitly outspoken–questions that the band which started its journey at the beginning of this decade asks themselves. Once again not leaving out a single opportunity to blast out those gigantic, euphoric pop-choruses that we know them for since tracks like “Boon & Bane.”

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