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CRØW & Miranda Glory Just Want You to “f e e l | g o o d”

CRØW teams up with fellow Tommy Boy artist, Miranda Glory, for an emotionally charged single, “f e e l | g o o d.” This multi-instrumentalist reigning from Oakland, California produces music that masterfully stiches together contemporary R&B stylings, with rich bass beats. His sound is complemented by Miranda Glory, known for her unique, sensual voice and acclaimed song-writing credits.

On his new single, CRØW offers up vulnerability via smooth vocals while telling a story of a struggling relationship, mended together by true intimacy. With the gentle guitar riffs holding the melody and subtle harmonies that dissolve into one another, both artists evoke the emotional strain of this track. With an upbeat vibe and dance vibration, the new single is perfect for those chill nights with friends or lovers and definitely has all you need to feel-good.

This song is not premiering solo, but along with some remixes by talents including: STAAF, Refeci, TCHiLT, Inkhromo, Rip Van and JAMEO. Each remixer places a new twist on the tune that engages a wide verity of listeners.  Check them out!

So, “lie to me” and tell me this song isn’t a hit!

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