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Cristina Hart Is Liberated In Admitting She’s A “Bad Girlfriend”

We all have our insecurities, faults, and scrutinies that prevents us from letting our guard down in a relationship. But sometimes admitting we’re a work-in-progress is better than pretending to be perfect. This message drives Swiss-born, London-based songwriter Cristina Hart’s new single “Bad Girlfriend.”

“Bad Girlfriend” is Hart’s light-hearted look at how baggage comes into a relationship. The tune centers around bouncy percussion that charges right into a chanty chorus you’ll be singing all day. The lyrics illustrate how admitting your own faults and taking ownership of them can be liberating, like “anxiety’s the worst / it always leaves me hurt” and “so what if I’m a sucker for all attention?”

“Bad Girlfriend” is a “I-have-baggage-and-that’s-okay” pop anthem and only the start for this existential pop artist. The song’s high energy and wit make it the perfect follow up to her previous single “I’m A Mess.”

Cristina Hart is emerging on the UK pop scene with relatable bangers. In April 2020, she was awarded the Do It Differently fund by Help Musicians to fund the release of her debut EP ‘Sell a Dream’. The EP, which was recorded independently between Cristina’s bedroom and her boyfriend’s studio, proves that she’s a talent in her own lane.

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