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Damola Flips Disclosure’s “Latch” Into an Outright Bounce

When artists decide to take on proven, worldwide classics, it is often not worth the risk in my opinion. Trying to take a song that has already achieved massive success, and trying add your own spin to it can more often than not, leave you looking like you missed the mark. While some remixes, samples and covers end up working in the end, I personally am always hard to sell when they land in my inbox.

With that being said, what Damola has done here with his recent release, “Full Disclosure”, he has without a doubt hit the target; clearly knew he the assignment. Inspired by the Philly/Jersey wave, Damola has flipped those classic Disclosure sounds into an absolutely bumping, high-energy dancefloor weapon. Delivering a boatload of originality, slick melodies and a flow that keeps you guessing, his performance carries the tune while bubbling synths and pounding kicks and 808’s keep the rhythm driving.

While the original from Disclosure will forever be impossible to top, this joint by Damola is without a doubt a track you want in your collection. This will get you moving – guaranteed.

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