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Dandila Gets It All Off His Chest on New Single ‘Melanin In the Hamptons’ [VIDEO]

If you pay any attention to Hip Hop, you should know by now that Desi Hip Hop is on the rise – and moving fast.  While platforms like 88Rising are doing a great job at shining a light on East Asian artists, South Asian artists are still largely overlooked and unrepresented on a wide scale – at least when it comes to making waves in the states.  

Adding to the hype around the scene comes St. Louis based artist Dandila.  Having landed in my inbox a couple of days ago with his single, “Melanin In the Hamptons”, I was quickly taken back not only by the fire video directed by @shomipatwary, but also by the energetic delivery, slick bars and real life topics he covers in his verses.  Over a gritty beat, Dandila goes IN and absolutely devastates the track bringing an in your face vibe that makes it impossible not to take notice. 

About the new track, Dandila says, “I wrote “Melanin” while I was rediscovering the aggression of hip-hop from New York’s golden age. I wanted to use that sound as a canvas to paint an alternative image of South Asians in music.”  In such a rapidly growing scene that still seems to fall under the radar, Dandila is hear to make some noise and make sure you hear him loud and clear. 

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