• Nicholas Zallo

Danelle Sandoval Drops New EP ‘For Love’

While LA based singer/songwriter Danelle Sandoval may just be getting started, she has already seen some major successes.  Starting at just 12 years old, Danelle began to write songs on her guitar, eventually uploading covers to YouTube and in 2016, uploading her first originals to SoundCloud.  

While her features and collaborations still bubble, Danelle Sandoval is making sure that her originals don’t go unnoticed. With the release of a new four-track EP, “For Love”, Danelle once again showcases her ability to make touching Pop tunes that connect with the masses.  The final track on the project, “Capacity”, which is my personal fav of the bunch, brings Danelle’s left-of-center Pop vibes to the forefront on top of a melodic synth driven production.  Catchy and relatable lyrics make sure the tune takes hold while the uplifting production carries the feels.

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