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Darla Jade Digs Deep on Latest Single ‘Forget You Not’

Today we are excited to share with you Darla Jade’s deeply heartfelt musical showpiece, “Forget You Not“. Released on September 18, Darla’s new single was inspired by her “nan”, who had to concede to the bleak reality that she was beginning to exhibit symptoms of dementia.  While the message of the song hits home for Darla (and so many others), her impeccable songwriting and emotive performance help the listener get lost in the tune and only help to make the lyrics hit that much harder.

Darla’s moving lyrics were written to help bring about awareness for the Alzheimer’s Society, and encourage those who are inflicted with this life altering, degenerative illness to share their personal trials and tribulations. A song with such high emotional bearing was not one that came to fruition without laborious dedication. “Forget You Not“, took Darla and co-writers Alex Hart and Mark Smith two years and a flight to Thailand to Karma Sound Studio to complete.

Unfortunately, there are many, whom, like Darla, are tasked with the inconsolable perception of being forgotten by a loved one that they cannot and would not ever wish to forget. Her lyrics come through like you are reading from a page out of her personal diary as she opens her heart up and shows you the fibers that hold it together – a true representation of how music was intended to be written in efforts to evoke the soul.

After completing this tune, Darla Jade continued riding her wave of musical inspiration while at Karma Sound – completed many other pieces in which she plans on releasing in the upcoming future. Do yourself a favor and keep it locked.

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