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David Deutsch Releases Beautifully Constructed EP "Prism"

LA-based musician David Deutsch is back with some of the most tranquil tunes we've ever heard - the perfect backdrop for a rainy or contemplative day, Deutsch's EP "Prism" provides a sonically lush soundscape composed of serene moments, minimalist piano keys, grand orchestral strings and vocals that rise in energy as the listening experience progresses. Perfectly cinematic, his music has contributed to major films, tv, trailers video games and VR interactive programs.

Currently working as a composer in Los Angeles, Deutsch just finished the score for the worldwide, theatrically released film, Last Survivors. You can also find his fingerprints on the films, The Suicide Squad, The Invisible Man, The Kingsman, It Chapter 2, 21 Bridges, Shazam!, the Emmy nominated documentary series, Hostile Planet, and many independently made short films and features. "Prism" provides a beautifully-constructed combination of concert hall-ready tunes and introspective hits fit for a grand, absorbing listening experience that is sure to appeal to audiences all over the world.

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