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De’Wayne Jackson is ‘Coming Back Home’ [VIDEO]

LA based up and coming MC De’Wayne Jackson has been turning heads with his signature blend of Hip-Hop rhythms, R&B melodies and raw, reflective and untamed lyricism.

Just wrapping up a world tour with Jessie J and in the midst of a national tour alongside Australian band Chase Atlantic, De’Wayne is making sure the time on the road doesn’t stifle his release schedule.  His new tune and video for, “Coming Back Home”, represents a cut from his new EP, “Don’t Be Afraid”.

The delicate and emotional tune sees De’Wayne doing some soul searching over a minimal production, laced with beautiful guitar riffs and not too much more.  Allowing him the shed his soul on the track, his performance is gripping.  Beneath the melodies there is a real angst that can’t be felt with every line.  

This one hits close to home for De’Wayne who says about the release, “I was so focused on getting to the next level in music but also juggling two terrible jobs, one was driving a paint truck around LA, and the other was the graveyard shift at Taco Bell. It was scary and all my fears and worries made this song. It was a call out for help in the quietest way I could do it. I’m so thankful for this song.

The video is just another element of the release, helping to put a face to the voice and giving you a deeper look into who he is as an artist.  If you’re not familiar with De’Wayne Jackson, make sure he is on your radar.

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