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demotapes and Pluko call on Spring with "the river" and it blooms

demotapes and long-time audio pal Pluko have not only introduced us to the coming of Spring, but have planted the seeds of a dream pop, electro bop that won't let us go until the leaves fall again.

demotapes, a new project from San Francisco producer, singer and muso Parker Livingston, who just a few years ago dropped their debut single "Running" with the duo Cassette Tapes. Now their solo project has blessed us with a track that had no right to hit this hard or make me smile this joyfully - If this is the first step, then I am amped for wherever this person is going.

"the river" Is what happens when all those sounds of spring, the crickets, the wind, the summer rain and the Sun (yes, it has a sound, I will stand by this statement) get put into the production blender of an enthusiastic artist and then blown into the stratosphere - dream pop has never been this charismatic and I've been smiling since the first 5 seconds.

demotapes took my little electro heart in Spring

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