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Dempsey Bolton Releases Euphoric Hit “Backup”

Right in time for Valentines Day, artist Dempsey releases his smooth R&B hit “Backup”, introducing intricate textures and a fresh take on sound design. “Backup” presents a newness that stands in line with today’s popular R&B hits along with some old school R&B nostalgia. The delayed kicks pair seamlessly with mild autotune, giving listeners a chill backdrop to really hone in on Dempsey’s expressive lyrical skill. Inspired by everyone from Jack Garrett t Stevie Wonder, Dempsey applies a versatile approach to production that just can’t be beat.

An anthem for the people who have been ‘backups’ or second options in relationships, his new track oozes with relatability while shedding a light on some of his personal experiences. From being ‘ghosted’ to ‘left of read’, Dempsey is sick of people playing with his feelings and only giving him attention when it’s convenient. Luckily, he’s been out of this cycle for a while. But not too long to where he can’t tap into these feelings to make a hard-hitting new track.

“Sitting in my car out on a midnight summer drive

When I ask you what we are you tell me ‘Please don’t ruin the vibe’

So I take you home the long way, tryna hit all of the reds

‘Cause I know that when I drop you off I might not see you again”

Currently, Dempsey is working with Trey Mills, finishing his debut album Monochrome which deals with themes of love and the media, delving deep into how TV and movies create unrealistic expectations for romantic relationships.

Follow him on Instagram here to stay up to date!

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