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Dennis Lloyd Brings Vibes to the Masses with New EP, ‘EXIDENT’ [VIDEO]

While Israeli singer-songwriter-producer-multi-instrumentalist Dennis Lloyd may have only landed on my radar a month or so ago, I have been helping to rack up his incredibly impressive streaming numbers ever since.  With close to 1B streams on Spotify alone, Dennis Lloyd fist started making waves with his single, “Nevermind“, and has since followed up with several other smashes that have helped to catapult him into the spotlight.

Recently, he has unleashed his latest EP, “EXIDENT“, lead by single, “GFY“, and a brilliant official video that digs into Dennis Lloyd’s personal experiences and puts them on full display.  Directed by Omri Rozenblum, the video is shot through the unique perspective of the former couple’s pet cat, as the female lead nurses an injured bird back to health, while Dennis prepares to take the stage during his tour across the world. Exploring the contrast between personal versus professional growth, the visuals parallel Dennis’ new life as a successful musician and his ex-girlfriend’s simple life back in Columbia.

About, “GFY“, Dennis Lloyd says, “Following the break up with my ex-girlfriend, I was depressed,” Lloyd explains. “I had recorded one song in particular about how I was feeling called ‘GFY’ but felt something was missing with it. Browsing YouTube I came across a TED Talk by Dr. Gary Lewandowski about relationships. I pressed play and I started to cry from what I heard. His words deeply resonated with me and I knew this was the missing piece of the song. Crazy enough, the monologue fit perfectly within the song. Since releasing ‘GFY,’ tons of people are tagging me using this monologue as their Instagram captions, tweets etc. Seems like it’s connecting with others, the same way it did for me.

The new EP once again shows Dennis Lloyd as he blends influences from across the musical spectrum into smooth, uplifting, emotive jams – performed with an impressive swag and originality that feels totally new and refreshing.  While this once again may be my first introduction to the fast rising superstar, I have not doubt I will be keeping a close eye on him going forward.  Make sure you check out the full project below.  It will be worth the click.

BONUS:  vLucky for us, one of the other tunes on the project, “Never Go Back”, has also just gotten a remix package done by the likes of Robin Schulz and Eden Prince.

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