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Devin Kennedy Teams Up with Dominique for Stunning New Single

Since Devin Kennedy is a regular on RockDafuqOut we are going to skip over the background info and get right into the music.  Always impressed by his honest lyrics and commercial Pop appeal, the Berklee College of Music alumni has been on a roll over he last year or so, unleashing a string of singles that are hard to deny.

Most recently Devin Kennedy has teamed up with another rising LA talent in singer/songwriter Dominique for their single, “Every Night // Every Morning”.  While both parties had break out years in 2018, they are showing no sign of slowing down with their new collaboration.  After meeting initially while both of them were writing with James Maslow (ex Big Time Rush), the two clicked and decided to link up to work on some originals – this is the first fruit of their labor.

The new single shows both artists in their best light, coming together to create a stunning duet while also allowing each artist enough space to flex their solo abilities.  Beautifully melancholic guitar melodies set the tone while minimal percussion helps to add a bit of rhythm.  While both artists sound great alone, it is when their voices come together that the real magic happens.  With both of their tones perfectly complimenting the other, the harmonies are lush and hit deep.  While the lyrics touch on love and longing, hearing both artists singing together makes the sentiment that much more honest and real.

While it may have taken me a minute to get this one up on the site, I have no doubt it will be a staple in my playlists for some time to come.  If I’ve figured Devin Kennedy out by now – I guarantee it won’t be too long until he drops his next stunner.  Make sure you give him a follow and try to keep up.

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