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Dezabel kicks off 2021 with his latest release ‘I don’t wanna wait no more’

The Swiss songwriter and producer Dezabel releases his new single ‘I don’t wanna wait no more’, a passionate piece speaking about friendship. It carries his signature R&B/pop sound, however also leads towards EDM. By blending analog and electronic elements together, Dezabel creates the scene of this emotive, yet hooky track.

The lead vocals are taken by the Irish signer Calvin Biasi who, alongside the talented American singer Jazelle Paris, impresses with his powerful and unique tone. The lyrics reflect a relatable feeling, making ‘I don’t wanna wait no more’ a song that will be echoing in our heads from the first time listening.

At the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) Bilgi gained his musical background in the 90s and continued building up his knowledge in Songwriting and Music Production at the Berklee College of Music. With his music he tells relatable stories that his listeners can find themselves in.

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