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Digging this Joint from Sidny [VIDEO]

While Toronto based singer/songwriter Sid D’souza has been working with local artists for the better part of the last 10 years, it wasn’t until June of this year that he launched his artist project Sidny with the release of his debut single, “Falling For You”.

Collaborating with Juno award-winning producer Anthony Kalabretta seemed to work out the first time around, so the two musical minds are back together again for the follow up, “Up All Night”. Sidny’s new single is a Funk laden Pop jam that sees him delivering great top lines and clever lyrics on top of a clean, minimal and dynamic production.

Lyrically Sidny speaks to the love he never saw coming. Stunned to have actually stumbled upon true love, Sidny is at a loss for words, expressing that he, “never thought that I would ever find someone just like you.” Beyond the love story, Sidny delivers vocally with a great overall energy, fresh harmonies and memorable melodies. This is a solid second single for Sidny and we will without a doubt be keeping a look out for what may come next.

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