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DJ Vayne Drops Moody Melodic House Tune "High"

Hailing from Istanbul, DJ/producer DJ Vayne has spent the last several years building his catalog and fanbase with a string of stellar releases. Regularly finding support from world-renowned DJ's like R3HAB, EDX, JAX JONES, RIGGI & PIROS, KENN COLT and more, DJ Vayne has been hard at work behind the decks and in the studio, making sure to keep his foot on the gas.

With more than a handful of releases in 2022, it seems DJ Vayne is sitting on a stack of music ready to share, and I for one can't wait to hear it. One of my recent favorite releases from this Turkish talent is his deep, moody and haunting tune, "High", which incorporates deep basslines, ethereal melodies, seductive vocals and just the right amount of energy to keep you moving all night. What I love about this tune most is the subtle textures that keep the listener on their toes and the slow-burning arrangment that never stops transforming, ensure the vibe never wavers.

Having already released two more singles since this one, it is safe to say that DJ Vayne is here to stay so make sure you tap in.

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