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Dom Tufaro & Cheech Hit the Club with J Biebs [FREE DL]

Just like, “Where Are U Now,” you will without a doubt see a ton of new remixes for the new Justin Bieber song, “What Do You Mean.”

While the original stands on its own, it’s not really a club banger… That’s where NYC‘s Dom Tufaro & Cheech come in.  Hot on the heels of a couple of original releases, the duo teams up for a dope remix.

Both DJ/Producers spend plenty of time in the clubs around the Tri-State and know exactly what their fans want.  Heavy drums, a driving baseline and some other melodic elements bring this track to the dance floor.  Letting the Biebs vocals carry the tune through, they bring a whole new energy to the track.

Check it out and grab the FREE DOWNLOAD.


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