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Dutch Melrose Drops Gritty New Bop "R.I.P"

It has been a couple of years since Dutch Melrose first landed on my radar and since then he has proved to be one of the most consistent artists hitting my inbox. With a steady stream of releases and a true-indie spirit, the buzzing producer/songwriter has taken full control of his solo project, handling most of the production and recording at home. With very little red-tape to hold him back, Dutch Melrose has been able to carve a lane of his own by blending a wide variety of influences into something that always comes off as refreshing and original.

Most recently, the multi-talented LA-based artist dropped off new single, "R.I.P", and it is without a doubt one of my favorites to date. Moody, catchy and gritty, Dutch Melrose delivers an energetic performance bathed in the perfect amount of distortion over a dark and driving production. With melodies that you just can't escape, his latest offering bring an Emo feel with some Rock edge and a dynamic arrangement that helps to add the the songs overall appeal.

With a rapidly growing fanbase and having amassed millions of streams to date, Dutch Melrose seems to be starting to get the attention he deserves and we have no doubt that things will keep buzzing for him. Make sure you keep tabs.

Listen to more like Dutch Melrose here:

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