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Dutch Party Strikes Again [VIDEO]

Ken Franklin, the San Francisco born LA based mastermind behind Indie Alt Pop outfit Dutch Party, could not have imagined the response that he has gotten so far when he began creating music years ago.  When it comes to how it all began, Ken states, “Everything starts from an idea, you really never know where it’s going to end up.

With the intent of adding more subversion to the American airwaves, Dutch Party’s sound evolved from a love of analogue warmth, rhythms of 90’s Hip-Hop, the three minute ear worm of the Motown sound and the British invasion bands of the 1960’s.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were first introduced to Dutch Party via, “Blade Runner“…

Instantly grabbed by the tunes melancholic vocals and upbeat indie production, the tune quickly made its way into regular rotation in our playlists, where it remains to this day.

Dutch Party’s latest release comes in the form of a new single and video for, “Now and Later“, the most recent release from their upcoming, “Combat Pop EP“.  With distinguishable sound that ties together all of their releases, it seems to be the process behind the music that adds to their allure.  To help better understand how it all came together, Ken says, “The whole record was such a DIY effort. We love lo-fi records but based off the first EP there was some expectation for us to make a true pop record. So from the get go, our mantra kind of became this thing called ‘high flying lo-fi’ where essentially we would record 3 minute ear worms in such mad hatter raggedy ways, then try and polish and lift these tracks as high as we could. Some weekends we’d scrape enough money together to rent a Fairchild 670 limiter and other times we’d record a piano part mono on someone’s iPhone. The whole purpose being to create a record to inspire future iconoclasts to live and think differently than the status quo.

Inspired by his love for the 1961 film, The Hustler, the direction for their latest release takes a cinematic turn.  Through black and white imagery a story unfolds, using the new tune more as a soundtrack for the visuals, rather than creating the video for the tune.  In true Dutch Party form, the song has an undeniable vibe.

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