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Dutch Producer Arcando Teams Up with Silent Child in Energizing “Savior”

Together with Silent Child, Dutch producer Arcando’s new hit “Savior” perfectly captures captivating storytelling through upbeat, intense production while complimenting Silent Child’s soaring vocals. The energizing track features an unforgettable drop that you can’t help but dance to. Dedicated to the highest peaks in both of their romantic relationships, the epic new single is the perfect addition to any weekend playlist. Inspired by moments in his life, Arcando created infectious chord progressions to compliment the starting and ending points to his story. For Silent Child, the deeper meaning of the song is reflected in the lyrics and celebrates the joys of finding someone, and wanting to be everything for them, despite them being a little hesitant to let you in. With its authentic lyricism and soaring production, accompanied by an impressive electric guitar riff, ‘Savior‘ will definitely have listeners wanting more. 

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