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Dwilly Pulls a Wildcard [INTERVIEW]

Recent Berklee graduate dwilly has been cranking out tunes, developing his sound and simultaneously growing his fanbase and catalog.  Pulling influences from the musical world around him, he creates authentic jams with his own personal flare.

His quality production, interesting collabs and stellar songwriting are quickly propelling him through the ranks of up and coming producers, so when he hit us with his latest remix of Mickey Valen’s, “Wildcard”, we figured we’d give him some shine and put him on your radar if you aren’t already acquainted.

Check out the latest tune and then scroll down for a quick Q&A with the musical mad man.

RDFO: You recently graduated from Berklee….. How was that experience?

dwilly: Berklee is like the “Hogwarts” of the muggle world. Many people struggle with the rigorous fundamental training they require through the program. . I fell in love with Berklee shortly after arriving to my audition time during December the year before I attended. Personally, I didn’t find Berklee to be as challenging probably due to my previous musical training as a kid. The school nurtures so much culture and diversity. Any student there is inevitably going to mature musically. Growing up in the smaller town of Greenville SC, a bigger “city life” appealed to me- and Boston was just that.

RDFO: What we love most about your production is the sound design and space you are able to create in your mixes.  What would you say sets your production apart from others?

dwilly: I would agree that sound design is my strength. Sound design is a result of my attention to detail. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the music I create. I am constantly analyzing and editing every section, every note, and every minuscule element until I’m completely satisfied.

RDFO: You recently moved out to LA…  What was the reasoning behind the move and how has it worked out for you so far.

dwilly: I moved out to LA for the same reason most musicians do. The music community feels very small and intimate. While LA can boast on the music opportunities, it’s definitely the most cut-throat competitive city for music. It’s been challenging so far, but very rewarding. Because of the consistent sessions I’ve had lined up, time has been flying by faster than I realize.   

RDFO: You have been non-stop recently with releases from HMU, to Birds, to Bathtub… What would you say is your personal favorite release thus far?

dwilly: My favorite so far is definitely Birds and the Bees. It represents my sonic perfectly. 

RDFO: You have a wide range of styles in your mixes, what would you say is your sweet spot?

dwilly: My sweet spot is the blend between heavy dance elements and fluid melodies.  I tend to bounce around between different styles because I don’t want my artist project to be restricted.

RDFO: Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

dwilly: Porter Robinson, Disclosure, Skrillex, Michael Jackson, & Boombox Cartel.

RDFO: How long have you been producing/playing/making music?

dwilly: I’ve been producing “seriously” for 4 years now, but I’ve been experimenting with sound design and production for around 6 years. I started music at a young age playing classical piano and percussion for various bands and orchestras.

RDFO: What DAW do you use?

dwilly: Ableton for production, Protools for recording. The reasons for my loyalty to Ableton are because of its advanced MIDI capabilities and bare minimal architecture that result in a streamlined workflow.

RDFO: Favorite VST?

dwilly: Serum 100%.

RDFO: What is up next for you?

dwilly:  Collaborating with new artists and continuing to make weird music!

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