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Dylan Dunlap Spins His Struggles Into Gold With Wildly Catchy “Same Side”

Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for help or admit that there are many ways to reach a common goal. Artists definitely struggle in this department as there are so many intermediaries that, at the end of the day, really want to see them succeed even if it doesn’t seem like their actions don’t seem like the best course of action. Nothing is a one person show and it’s ok to lean on others for help, especially when it really comes down to looking out for one another. Dylan Dunlap is embracing this concept and accepting his own pitfalls of working with others on his new single “Same Side.”

Dunlap is a master singer-songwriter that can channel his thoughts and feelings effortlessly into stories that resonate so deeply. This new tune is bustling with a cinematic feel and radiates as an upbeat pop song. The melody floats above the glitchy beat while the lyrics communicate a direct message about facing hardship head-on. He plainly expresses “you’re just looking out for me” as glimmering harmonies bring golden substance to the tune’s universal message. Dunlap is blunt about the inspiration for the tune:

“It’s literally about telling my team I know they have my best interest in mind, but I’m a stubborn brat,” he laughs. “I know they’re right, yet I don’t want to listen.”

The Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Dunlap has quietly amassed over 20 million streams and is currently recording new music for the follow up EP. On top of his artist pursuits, Dylan has put in countless hours of work to raise awareness around mental health. In this mission, Dylan received the “Fighting Stigma Rising Star” award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness and has partnered with Global Citizen, Autism Rocks, LA’s Children Hospital and many other organizations. On his forthcoming EP, Stranger In My Head, due February 4th, Dylan shares every facet of his emotional, physical, and spiritual journey.

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