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Elazion Flips Marina and the Diamonds ‘Immortal’

Hailing from Vancouver, producer Elazion has recently released a new remix, and it is a moody, groovy gem.

Initially it had started as an original, but when he began to try out some acapellas, he ended up deciding to release it as a remix for Marina and the Diamonds single, “Immortal”.  About the inspiration Elazion says, “The day I wrote this song it was a really rainy and stormy Saturday. I remember waking up and making some coffee and just feeling the melancholy weather. It hadn’t been sunny for quite some time. I live near Vancouver Canada, a city known for its extremely rainy Fall/Winter/Spring weather. So that moody and gloomy Saturday I went into my studio and decided that was the vibe I was going to try and put into a song.

Flipping the track, Elazion takes the haunting vocals and creates a deep and emotive mix.  With the vocals washed out with reverb and delay, bright piano chords, pumping basslines and energetic drum programming help to turn the tune into something suitable for the dance floor.   When asked how he landed on these vocals, Elazion offers, “I‘ve always loved the haunting emotional vibes of this song, to be honest its the only song I really know by her and I’ve loved it since I heard it. I really felt like the mood of the music and the lyrics went so good together it was meant to stay a remix.

Check it out!

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