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Electro Pop Artist Blaque Rose Leads A Resurgence of New Wave with His Single & Debut EP!

Make retro pop artist Blaque Rose your Valentine this year, as he releases not only an incredible animated video for his track “Silver Train” but also his debut EP “Super Natural”! Track by track on this EP, his nostalgic synth pop riffs and echoed vocals create a beautiful combination of easy-listening and danceable beats. Preceded by his insatiable hit “Funky Vibe”, this EP piggybacks off of several successful releases which have held heavy appeal in listeners worldwide. The video for his leading track “Silver Train” was animated by Brandi Meadows. It uses adolescent imagery (like baby cherubs, spin the bottle, picking dandelions) to describe a point in your life when you’re hit with Cupid’s arrow hard enough that it pushes you right back into those nerves that you get as a child no matter how old you are. The song is about spontaneous crushes; that butterflies fluttering in your stomach, heart-racing feeling you can get from a person you may not even know yet.

“Super Natural” is an upbeat, futuristic, and eclectic view of love and the world around us. Each song is relatable to different people in different ways, which is important when trying to reach a broad audience. The EP was co-produced in part by Nicole Ranalli and mastered by engineer and producer Will Chason. Influenced by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin, Blaque Rose delivers high quality sounds depicting an ethos of another era. But as they say, everything eventually comes back, and Blaque Rose is just in time for the resurgence of dance music and new wave. 

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