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Electronic Artist aus Wakes Us From Our Winter Slumber with "Until Then"

Japan-based electronic artist aus showcases a unique realm by delivering a rich blend of instrumentation in his highly anticipated new hit "Until Then". Applying his diverse set of musical exposure to his own works, aus takes deconstructed vocals and pairs them with both tropical yet dark and distorted sounds for an upbeat escape. Plucking ideas from jazz music, classical, indie & even folk, he delivers a sound that presents wide appeal for lovers of all different types of music. Subtle yet danceable, the song will keep you out of your seat from beginning to end. Performed on a combination of piano, strings, clarinet, flute, voice and electronics, the vibrations of everyday life are introduced through intimate field recordings to create a larger than life soundscape fit for the big screen.

Having founded the internationally renowned FLAU record label in Japan in 2006, Fukuzono has gained attention as aus through his skillful and delicate sound production, exquisitely combining cinematic strings and electronics with sounds from everyday life. With a passion for rediscovering and reinventing the very nature of sounds around him, inspiration is acquired from all corners of his mind: captured movie images; stumbled upon words or conversations; nomadic dreams; long lost memories; and indefinable inner feelings.

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