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Electronic Music Duo ELSP Release New Hit “At the End”

A vibe reminiscent of Demi Lovato’s “Neon Lights”, ELSP’s “At the End” kicks off their new album with a strong, danceable vibe that people from around the world will love. Originally from Kazakhstan, Almaty, producers Ramil Aliyev and Nick Bogorosh are influenced by various styles of house and techno with influence of progressive vibes. Their lyrical anthem “At the End” provides a sonically pleasing landscape filled with lush synths and strong storytelling; about relationship and strong emotions, you may track the story in all the colors. Mixed in a strong and progressive melodic arrangement with a solid bass and groove, this track will definitely touch many fans of the genre. Paired with Luke Coulson’s vocals, “At the End” is sure to be a summer hit to remember.

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