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Elina Does it Again with ‘Another Round’

While I generally like to give a bit of background info on artists we feature on site – Swedish singer/songwriter Elina has been covered on site so many times, I feel she really needs no introduction.  What I can tell you is that she was my #1 artist according to my Spotify wrapped for 2019 – which is wild to think about when she hasn’t even dropped 10 singles – and I am also someone who considers himself a manly man – Elina hits me in the feels every damn time and I have no shame letting you know.

From sync placements, awards, millions of streams, and credits writing for some massive artists, there is no doubt they Elina has found away to connect.  Her latest tune, “Another Round”, follows the formula of singles past – minimal production, outstanding lyrics and Elina’s stunning vocals captivating from the first note to the last.  With every word, Elina cuts deep, touching on common themes of love, loss, pain and promise, leaving just enough open to interpretation for the listener to make this own assumptions.

Penning tunes that relate to the human within us all, no borders or boundaries can stop Elina’s words from finding their way to your heart.  Having just dropped her debut EP earlier this year, I have no doubt that 2020 is going to be even bigger for her – and I will be patiently waiting for more.  Until then, this one will more than hold me over. 

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