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Elley Duhé Teams Up with Vevo For 2 Live Performances [VIDEO]

One of my favorite new artists of the last year, Elley Duhe jumped onto my radar at the top of 2018 with this absolute smash.  

Instantly hooked by her impeccable vocals, original swag, captivating songwriting and undeniable edge, I have been holding on to every note ever since.  Luckily, she has since followed with several more hits, helping to propel her to the forefront of the Pop world – which I have been way excited to watch.  If you haven’t yet heard of Elley Duhe, don’t worry… she will be absolutely massive soon enough.  The glow up is real.

While I could go on all day about everything I love about her and why you should be paying close attention, I’m just dropping all of her jams in this post so that you can get familiar.  

Recently, the VEVO DSCVR artist has teamed up with the video platform to create a couple of live videos of her songs, “Savior”, and, “Counterfeit”.  While the singles may have been all you need, I always love these Vevo features as they give you an insight into how artists may be live – and Elley absolutely crushes it.  Unfortunately she was in NYC not too long ago, but I was unable to make it out – so let’s hope she makes it back over here ASAP.  

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