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Emil Is The Black Sheep

This single right here is a complete vibe and I couldn’t resist plugging the track in our daily posts. Here ya go! 

Emil is a rising rapper from (INSERT LOCATION HERE)… honestly, I have no clue where he’s from. There is a limited abound of information online. This isn’t a bad thing though. His hidden persona plays nicely with his second single  Black Sheep.

This joint is too drippy. There is a perfect mix of 808, tight snare and gospel like chords that give this track life. Who ever is on the production side of things, is killing it. If the music isn’t on point from the jump of your career, it’s going to hard to break out of that box. Lucky for Emil, his production is on lock. I even thought that his bars were well thought out, creative and easy to listen to over this 3 minute 30 second single. His nonchalant style gives listeners a glimpse into Emil’s story. He’s about his ice, paper and women. 

Get on your devices and give Emil a chance and the #GoodtimesandGoodvibes movement a chance.

Last thoughts: Great Single. Dope Album Artwork. Music Video Needs To Happen!


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