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Emma Kelly Drops Latest Gem ‘Lifeboats’

Having launched her solo career just last year, UK based singer/songwriter Emma Kelly has been making some waves with her impressive vocals and quality lyrics. With a steady stream of singles, Emma Kelly continues to develop her sound one tune at a time, proving time and time again that she has a whole lot more up her sleeve.

Her latest offering, “Lifeboats“, is a soulful, smooth and energetic song that relies on a grooving production topped off with her sassy yet delicate vocals.  With the verses remaining minimal, the tune picks up in the hook as she speaks to society, relieving herself of the pressure that came along with the being a person trying to find her place in such a chaotic world.

About the tune she says, “The song is about our addiction to social media and how we’re all a little drunk on it. We have project a lack of presence whilst we’re scrolling on our phones and I wanted to turn those thoughts into a song.

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