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Emotional Release from NYC’s Samia

Joining the budding roster over at Grand Jury Music, 21 year old NYC songstress Samia has just released a new single, “Django”, and it is an emotive piano driven ballad that hits deep.

About the track Samia explains, “I wrote most of Django at 17, crying in the bathtub, looking down at myself from above my body and finding the scene to be hilarious. I had to use the humor in my sorrow; there was a lot of it. I’m not sure how much it comes through on the record but i really was trying to make fun of myself. The idea of desperately yearning to watch someone light his hand rolled cigarette is, to me, a great representation of what it was to be a teenager. I felt it a lot but somehow also knew how quickly i would stop feeling it. Everything came and went so quickly and so intensely. I wrote the bridge four years later.

The track itself is an impressive first introduction to the young artist.  Most impressively, she is somehow able to use the words, “pork fat”, in a song and make it work.  Unheard of.  Beyond that, the songwriting is smart and leaves the song open to interpretation from whoever may listen.  Giving just enough away to help guide you to where she wants you while leaving the rest up to you.

Piano sits beneath haunting and expressive vocals that not only show her power, but her range and vocal control as well.  This is the type of song that will either bring on a much needed ugly cry – or give you the power to face and conquer whatever obstacles may be in your way.

Having already racked up over half a milli spins on Spotify alone while also securing some major playlist support – people are paying attention and for good reason.  A whole lot of soul.

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